Children’s Ministries

Spark Children’s Worker Training

SPARK is an engaging and equipping retreat for Local Children’s Leaders at Camp and Conference Centers. What can you expect at this retreat? Leadership development, connect with others, and learn together for a low cost. Each year, we are reminded that we are one team from different cities and on different districts, but all called to serve God, children and their families.

SPARK offers 3 retreat options:
SPARK:: Onsite (traditional, in person event)
SPARK:: Online (virtual only format)
SPARK +:: Both Onsite and Online access

Northern California SPARK retreat
April 7-9, 2022

SPARK:: Onsite

Join Children’s Leaders from your geographic area for a time of equipping, encouragement, and connecting at a camp, conference center, or retreat center near you. See dates and locations below.

SPARK:: Online

With such great success in 2021 during the pandemic, we are continuing SPARK::Online in 2022. It is $50 and is May 20-21, 2022. More Information

Spark +

Introducing in 2022! SPARK+ is your local SPARK and SPARK::Online.

For an additional $20 to your SPARK registration, you will also have access to SPARK::Online ($50 value).

Why do I want SPARK+? To keep the party going! It’s an additional equipping opportunity presented by an array of children’s leaders from across North America. Check out the SPARK you want to attend below for how to register.

spark:: Northern California REgistration

  • Early Registration by March 21, 2022.  
  • Late Registration, ADD $20 to lodging cost.
  • Registration includes: 2 nights of lodging and 6 meals.
  • Lodging Cost Coming Soon
  • SPARK + $20 per person in addition to the registration above
  • No refunds will be given for SPARK+ past the SPARK::Northern California refund deadline

District Contact: Cathy Scharf